The International Holistic School is an distance learning institution whose primary purpose is to offer updated content to their students, courses and specializations of holistic therapies and natural beauty to satisfy their personal motives, considering the human being like an integral being, from conception holistic.

Nuestros Cursos
Curso Cosmética Natural

Natural Cosmetics Course - Making Creams and Natural Cosmetics < Program

Learn how to make creams and a complete line of natural cosmetics; body, facial, hands and feet, haircare and toiletries. The course will teach you how to create your own formulas, customize them, increase your knowledge on natural properties, personal use, and / or the development of a handcrafted activity.

DIPLOMA: Upon completion of training you will receive a diploma, which will be sent by post.

Reiki Course

Reiki Level 1, 2 & Master Certificate < Program

Learn how to use Reiki energy, to perform self-healing, to heal other people and obtain the mastery to be able to teach others.


Losing Weight with Yoga

Losing Weight with Yoga < Program

Learn how to increase your flexibility, tone your body and lose weight with yoga.