About us

The International Holistic School is a distance learning institution that offers distance education to youth and adults of all ages. Such education includes courses and specialization in Holistic Therapies and Natural Beauty, with a holistic conception, considering the person as an integral being. This kind of education makes it possible to acquire new knowledge or improve it, enabling personal growth or job opportunities; students can study at home without traveling to other cities, thus maximizing their time.

The holistic conception -from the Greek “holos” meaning “total”, “entirely”, “completely”- considers the human being as an integral being and that every cell of the body has a direct influence on other body parts. For this reason, any integral treatment is more effective than the sum of its parts, generating a harmonic balance.

Treatments carried out with a specific purpose directly influence other parts of the body, and all the components interact with each other. For this reason, knowing the benefits and contraindications of achieving the desired goal is essential.