All the courses offered at the International Holistic School are essentially practical and are updated continuously. As a result, students are stimulated to customize and innovate the techniques learned.

Training is customized and each student will progress with their studies according to their time available and needs.

Start date

Students may begin the course chosen, the same day they complete the registration form, indicating the method of payment and transfer data.

You can register here.

How to receive the study contents

» The course is entirely online so that you can do it at any time, any day of the week.

» You can download the modules from the web campus, which can be printed or read from an electronic device or computer.

» From the first day, you access the entire schedule so you can manage your time according to your time availability.

Content of the course

The contents of the course are precise and aimed at immediate practice. Thus, they contain a theoretical base, which allows students to put into practice the knowledge acquired

In the practical module, all the formulas are detailed with the necessary quantities of each component and all the feasible alternatives, tripling in most cases the number of cosmetics to be elaborated.

Duration of the courses

Each course has a certain duration to allow students to gradually acquire the knowledge and put it into practice. However, every student can finish their studies faster or later, according to their available time.

If students need to interrupt studies for personal reasons, holidays, trips, or work, they may continue whenever they want. Enrollment will remain valid for six months from the start of the course.


The specialist trainer for each course will accompany and guide students throughout the learning process, answering all their questions and concerns by email. They will guide and correct the formulas created by the students.


At the end of each course, the trainer suggests to students some practical studies (final evaluation) to apply the knowledge learned during the training.

Though solving the practical cases is not compulsory, it is necessary to receive the diploma that accredits the accomplishment of the course, which will be sent in by post.